The current condition of the planet has focused attention on pressing environmental issues, encouraging all social partners (public authorities, associations, companies) to commit themselves to active protection and safeguarding of the environment. Active participation in protecting the environment has always been at the top of Olivetti's list of priorities, as reflected in its corporate mission. Decades of indiscriminate dilapidation of raw materials and energy in order to cater to the ever more pressing needs of a constantly expanding economic system have seriously undermined the delicate equilibrium of world eco-systems. To protect the environment and therefore the planet, a correct compromise must be established between technological development and spillover on the environment. Olivetti has endorsed this concept, providing its contribution to operating in a correct balance between technological innovation and protection of the environment (The Olivetti office, in Strada Monte Navale 2/C - Ivrea has obtained the ISO14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management).


EC Directive 2002/96/EC, also known as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is intended to prevent and restrict the flow of waste equipment to be disposed of by applying equipment and component re-use and recycling policies. The Directive applies the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (who pollutes pays). Manufacturers are in fact obliged to finance the ecologically-correct collection, treatment, recovery and disposal of their end-of-life equipment. This financial responsibility will be individual for products marketed after the coming into force of the Directive (on August 13 2006 in Italy) and collective for products launched before this date. With a view to prevention, the Directive also encourages the design and production of products that take into account re-use, dismantling, recycling and establishes targets to be achieved by the entire collection and treatment system.


Olivetti, as usual well to the fore, has assumed an active role as promoting member of a Consortium of Information Technology companies which, in 2005, carried out a pilot project to define all the elements necessary to set up a collective system complying with the European Directive. When the Decree comes into force (August 13 2006), the collective system will be able to manage all equipment collection, treatment, disposal activities.


In the UK we use an approved Producer Compliance Scheme, called Comply Direct, to fulfil the obligations for Olivetti. Comply Direct offers a simple, trusted and transparent approach to compliance focused upon providing a premium level of customer service. Now in its 13th year as a UK approved Producer Compliance Scheme, they are the only compliance scheme in the UK to have the Customer Service Excellence standard and the Investors in People Gold Award and have been shortlisted in The UK Health and Wellbeing Awards 2019. To find out more about Comply Direct, please follow this link: https://www.complydirect.com/home/

Here are details of our Registration to the Comply Direct Scheme.
Company Name: Olivetti S.p.A.
Company Registration No: 02298700010
Comply Direct Membership No: CD01/00736
SIC code 26.20
VAT No GB 203550354



Referring to the Directive 2002/96/EC in Germany with Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, or ElektroG Olivetti Germany GmbH as producer with an own brand of electrical and electronic equipment is implementing the complete rules.

The implementation of the ElektroG is in process by Olivetti Deutschland GmbH and latest till 23.11.2005 the registration needs the authority by the Elektro-Altgeräte Register (EAR) and all their products will be handled conform to the ElektroG. Started from 24.03.06 the return of electrical and electronic equipment will be supported by Olivetti Deutschland GmbH in reference to the EletroG and under the request from EAR. All the products placed on the market after 1st July 2006 will be compliant to the Directives 2002/ 95/EC - RoHS or in Germany the ElektroG.



Referring to the directive 2002/96/CE Olivetti Austria GmbH as importer of electronic devices will be responsible for refurbishing and recycling of electronic waste also from the financial point. Olivetti Austria has already started activities in 2004 to correspond to the law, which took in place on 13th August 2005. The registration of Olivetti Austria GmbH as importer and distributor of Electronic Equipments for the Austrian market at the Umweltbundesamt- Environmental Agency was already performed in June 2005. Due the fact that Olivetti is responsible also for historical waste (products sold before 13th August 2005) it's mandatory to join on one of the four existing collective systems. Furthermore Olivetti Austria GmbH will use a Collective System Provider also for products sold after 13th August 2005, so that Olivetti customers are able to return E-waste easy and free of charge on each Austrian Public Waste - Centers. A contract with a System Provider will be signed latest in September 2005. Olivetti HQ-Italy is developing already products so that Olivetti Austria GmbH is able import and distribute Electronic Equipment, comply to the directive 2002/95/CE also known as RoHs, starting from 1st July 2006.



Olivetti España is partner of ECOFIMÁTICA (Foundation For the Environmental Management of Office Computer Equipments), since March 2005, months before the WEEE was coming into force. ECOFIMÁTICA is, in turn, member of ASIMELEC (Multisectorial Association of Spanish Electronic and Communication Companies), what allows us to take part of its Integrated System of Management, corresponding to the European directives. This System of Management assures that the new equipments will be collected and managed adequately the moment they turn into residues. In addition, it guarantees also the withdrawal and management of the historical waste. And not only does this System manage the withdrawal and recycling of the products but also the investment in such important aspects as the investigation and development of new ways of recovering and recycling of our equipments and its components.