TIM’s 5G network represents an essential asset in the development of IoT solutions, not only for its  transmission speed, but above all for the number of objects that can be connected concurrently, that is, up to 1 million devices per square kilometre (100 times more than the 4G network).

Internet of Things represents the starting point for digital evolution. Olivetti has created a number of dedicated solutions applicable within Industry 4.0, Smart City and Smart Agriculture contexts.

Olivetti, the TIM Data Marketer, exploits TIM mobile network data  - Data Monetization concept – to provide Public and Private companies with the professional platforms and services to support them in managerial and strategic decision making.

Connectivity is the key enabling mechanism for object digitisation, data transmission and remote control of devices. Olivetti M2M solutions provide a reliable service fully configurable according to needs and contexts.

Internet of Things

IoT technology is able to handle efficiently the dialogue between different sensors, collecting the data they generate. Cornerstone of Olivetti offers, IoT has the capacity to accompany and guide vertical markets, to which they have been specially tailored, on the path to digital transformation and innovation.

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Big Data

For business systems today, data analysis and research represents a basic element. In this context, Olivetti provides a suite of solutions with the capacity to exploit the data generated by the TIM mobile network, offering important information that can be used in the optimisation of strategic and managerial decisions. This data can be further enriched from other sources such as Social, Open and company databases.

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M2M Connectivity

Olivetti provides efficient M2MSmart connectivity services for the interaction between apps and objects, delivering high level performance with, at the same time, low energy consumption. Efficient networking between objects is essential to obtain the full benefits of IoT applied to the various business models.

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