IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

Olivetti is the TIM Group company specialised in IoT, operating within TIM Enterprise and active on the domestic and international markets as a renewed and evolving company.

In order to realise digital services in the IoT - Internet of Things - it is necessary to make 'objects' communicate intelligently, so identifying the most suitable connectivity solution for your business is one of the main keys to success. Connectivity, which underlies Machine to Machine (M2M), can be realised by all those technologies that enable objects to network and collect, transfer and process the flow of information exchanged between them.

Connectivity is the basic and enabling element for the digitisation of objects, for the transmission of data and for the remote control of devices. TIM Enterprise, through solutions powered by Olivetti, provides customers with a suite of reliable services that can be configured according to different needs and contexts.


Managed connectivity services include a vast choice of formulas and tariff options created specially for M2M applications, featuring high levels of interactivity and low content data transmissions combined with a SIM management service for increasingly efficient company asset management.